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Dental Treatments and Hygiene


Masterton Dental Clinic ensures that all toothache and dental emergency calls received before 10:30am will be seen that same day.
Call us on 0800 18 18 28

Prosthetic Dentistry

Crowns and Veneers

Orthodontic Dentistry

and Cosmetic Dentistry

Appearance Medicine

Botox®, Fillers, and Enhancements

Therapeutic Treatments

Hyperhidrosis, Gummysmile, Migraine


Akash rocks, he was very friendly and made me relaxed before he pulled my wisdom tooth. Made me at ease, thanks for the service and definitely would go back.
Rakesh Raghunandanan

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5 days ago

Just another regular day at the clinic

6 days ago

Q Card

Along with Oxipay and PartPay, we also accept Q-card!

1 month ago

Hidden Talent

Do the opposite of this guy and you’ll be fine. Brush in small round circles with a soft toothbrush massaging the gums the whole time, minimum 2 mins. (Gun not necessary for good oral hygiene!)

A Tooth Brush Talent :)

1 month ago

NZDA Healthy Smiles

Switch to water challenge!
Bit of a hard sell considering water doesn’t have the known acidic and sugary agents known to be addictive which fizzy drinks and energy drinks have. Atleast its free.

Take the Switch to Water Challenge! Sign up to take part. www.switchtowater.co.nz

1 month ago

How to DAD

This is a bit harsh on the parents, its also refreshing and comical. We believe with the correct education parents will make the best choice for kids oral health, and protect them from the ever

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=174236170174614&id=1663036947297791 See more

Toddlers and sugar don’t mix.

Me having a Dad Rant because some parents out there need to sort their SH!T OUT!

That is all.

2 months ago

Invisalign New Zealand

Offered right here at Masterton Dental Clinic


Invisalign® aligners are made with our proprietary SmartTrack® material, which makes them comfortable to insert and remove, unlike other teeth straightening solutions

2 months ago

Dental Hygiene | General and Emergency Dentistry: Masterton Dental Clinic | Masterton Dentist | Botox Masterton

Gum disease is a progressing and painless condition for the most part, and usually leads to very few options other than dentures, or partial dentures. (Remember: Prevention is lower cost and better See more

Masterton Dental Clinic is Wairarapa’s leading Clinic for your Oral, Dental, and Orthodontic needs. We also offer Botox and Dermal Fillers for Cosmetic and Therapeutic treatments.

Masterton Dental Clinic

In 2004, Drs Paddy Greville and Robert Jones joined forces to form The Dental Clinic in Masterton, providing the community with a full range of Dental, Surgical and Orthodontic services. This partnership ended at the beginning of 2016 with the well earned retirement of Paddy, having given over 35 years of service to the Wairarapa.

After much deliberation Robert decided to continue the Practice and was very pleased to persuade Dr. Akash Kota to join him as an Associate in January 2016. Together we have revamped and refurbished not only the infrastructure of the old Practice, but are well advanced in upgrading all the equipment.

In April 2017 we have been joined by Dr. Michelle McSweeney, an experienced Dental Surgeon from the United Kingdom, and we look forward to the huge contribution she will make to our Clinic.

The final part of our transition was to rebrand ourselves as Masterton Dental Clinic and offer our services to the community through this new website and social media outlets. We are also joining with our sister company, Wellington Cosmetic Clinic, in bringing a whole range of treatment options encompassing:

  • General and Emergency Dentistry
  • Prosthetic Dentistry
  • Orthodontic and Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Appearance Medicine
  • Therapeutic Treatments

We offer, quite simply, “Treatments that work”.

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